August 21, 2007

MTV Apartments!

Ever since MTV started MTV Cribs we have seen all the mansions/cars/jewels/ and everything else that wealthy Rappers, Athletes and Rockers own. So the other day I was chilling watching TV (something i rarely do now a days since i work all day) so i go through the channels and stop on MTV which was showing CRIBS- Everything is going well, I'm looking at Dallas Austin showing his futuristic crib, with 360 degree view windows and all the hottest cars anyone would want. Then it goes into Lumidee, you know the girl from "Never leave you uh oh"- As soon as her segment starts I just start dying laughing, I couldn't stop! She was showing...not her crib but her apartment. I called my cousin handsome so he can witness the shit I was seeing (we were rolling!)- To me it was like an episode of SNL (lmao)- Don't get me wrong, artist go through shit and Lumidee hasn't really sold anything- so my point is...If MTV CRIBS calls you and you ain't got the big crib with the hot cars (that kids want to see--yes I'm a big kid ppl) then just say NO! don't embarrass yourself...(some of you might say - what about Redman's episode NO THAT SHIT DOESN'T COUNT- it was can't take him seriously)

MTV: Apartments! (LMAO!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

No lie...I busted out laughing too, and paged my homegirl on her blackberry. That episode of CRIBS where Lumidee was showing her "studio" apartment was pure comedy. I was thinking, are they kidding. Her little closet booth was sooo funny. So I def feel you...ha! Thought I was the only person who found that to be hilarious.