August 22, 2007


Looks like Funkmaster Flex's comments on Mya's supposed "Tell-All" book backfired on him. On Monday August 20th, 2007, Flex started slammin' on Mya because of a press-release he read stating the artist was writing a book that spoke about her career and relationships she's had. Relationships with The Game, Marques Houston and even the Mayor of her home city, Washington D.C. Flex was upset at how women keep coming out with these tell-all books and ruining the current relationships and lives of these men (and I have to agree, they wanna get slammed with the sausage and then when their careers are in the dirt they want to expose these dudes not knowing how it'll affect their marriage lives and their images as fathers. Yes many women will say they shouldn't be sleeping around with these chicks but if she wants the meat - SHE WANTS THE MEAT!!!... ok back to the story :-D) and how no one is backing these men up so he wants to take a stand against these "birds".

Well it appears Mya's publicist caught wind of what Flex said and requested he have a phone interview with Mya so she could explain that the book wasn't really a tell-all book, it was more about her career, so Flex agreed. Well Mya called in and she didn't even give Flex time to sneak a word in! She just started going off on Flex and telling him that his career is nowhere itself so who is he to judge her. She also said yes she was going to speak about her relationship with these men but as "friends" and not sexual partners. Flex tried pleading his case but she wouldn't let him speak and finished her "statement", as she called it, with a threat. She told Flex "there's nothing more to discuss, see me when you see me and we gon' settle this in person" - CLICK!, she hung up on the big dog at Hot 97, Funkmaster Flex.

After a few songs and some commercial breaks Flex came back on and had Miss Info with him. They started everything off in a nice way and Info said she could understand why she would be upset but Mya needs to realize this was a press release made by her camp and Flex just went off of the facts presented to him. Flex said he apologizes if she really wasn't doing a tell-all but he had to represent for the men who keep getting thrown under the bus when the likes of Karrin "Superhead" Steffans and Carmen Bryan decide to put peoples business out there. But after some humble moments Miss Info reminded Flex that Mya's camp took a while to come up with an excuse as to why it was said that she was coming out with a tell-all book when she really wasn't and then told him he was right about her trying to push her career ahead since her last hit was more than 4 years ago and that hit actually covered a very sexual matter since the song was "My Ass is like WHOA" so why was she playing the innocent part? That just set Flex off and then he remembered she threatened him and he started ragging on her again!

Well don't say I didn't call this one but Hand says Miss Info better watch her back because I'm sure Mya was hearing the rest of the show just to see what they said about her and with those threats she made to Flex I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have a problem getting at Info! HAHA! I'll keep you posted if this escalates.

Stay fly and keep it Handsome - King Hand the 1st...


Anonymous said...

That's my girl. I love Mya.

Cliff said...

so i wasn't the only one who heard this. she was supposed to call in the very next night. what happened? i'm looking for the audio of both interviews.

Anonymous said...

It was a terrible interview, honestly there was no entertainment involved. The two of them were literally screaming at one another. :O(