August 20, 2007

Universal Music Group on the Mixtape Scene!!

I usually don't say much but... these execs don't know know anything. First they send (I say they, cause who else is going to bitch about this!!!) out the RIAA on DJ Drama and Dj Cannon, they get their equipment confiscated and they land in jail... for promoting music, music that gets albums sold. Without Dj Drama / Cannon / Dj Clue / Dj Onpoint / Kay Slay / Whoo-kid and other well known Mixtape sluggers then how would you reach the buyers! ... The music industry is just falling apart, and they want to make excuses, and now they want to go and take the ideas of the streets! comes Universal Music group and hires unknown dj's (not mentioning them cause i dont want to promote the bullshit!) to create a "legal mixtape" and try to sell it to the streets - I have to say this, if you fuck heads want to sell mixtape then get at the real dudes that do it everyday, and have the good ideas/concepts and have worked there asses off to create a name for themselves in the mixtape scene! Dont try to cut them off at something they have mastered just cause you want to keep your job! - You guys are actually doing a great job at pissing the Dj's off!

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