October 3, 2007

50 Before the Cents...

Well for those of us who remember the whole Jiggy-Era and how all the hard groups were trying to make club songs (my fave was "If You Think I'm Jiggy" by the LOX lol) you'll probably recognize this song - "React" by Onyx. They tried sampling Slick Rick and making a club hit out of his classic cut some 10 years later. I remember the song perfectly due to the fact they had used my favorite childhood rapper's song, I just never knew there was a video and on top of that I never even noticed 50 was the second dude on the second verse because obviously he was a nobody at that time. Well here's the video "React" by Onyx feat. 50 Cent. Jam Master Jay was the one that hooked it up, I just read about it in the new Scratch, which is said to be the final one, boo-hoo.

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