October 22, 2007

50 Cent And Akon on the Set of "I Still Will"

This is what 50 told MTV about Lil Kim and there recent reconciliation... (He soft! and "Magic Stick 2" is Garbage!!!)

"I'm not good at resolving things," 50 said on Sunday afternoon on the set of the video for his collaboration with Akon, "I'll Still Kill." (Note: The title will be changed to "I Still Will" for television purposes.) "Once I get into an altercation with someone or we have a misunderstanding, I'd rather leave them over there rather than have them around when they still have those feelings."

"I reached out to her, called her, to see where her head was at," Fif said. "In Kim's case, it wasn't me and Kim [who had the real beef]. It was Kim and the man she was with at the time. Later, we was able to actually get together and collaborated. We was able to make something special again with 'Wanna Lick.' It's good. From a female perspective, she can provide an aggressive standpoint and be aggressive for the women while I can be myself and be aggressive from a man's perspective." - Curtis

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