October 22, 2007

Dame Dash "Everyone's Still Eating Off Kanye West Except Me"

In an interview with SOHH the Harlem homie Dame Dash is crying about who is getting paid over Kanye West. I suggest that dame do his own thing and let things ride, if he feels a certain way about the whole Roc-A-Fella situation then keep it to yourself, i'm getting tired of his crying... If dame would've gave his share of Reasonable Doubt to Jay like he asked then the Dynasty would be Standing RIGHT NOW!- and you would be getting paid for JAY and KANYE.

"I think it's a good thing that someone that was probably kicked around his whole life is now empowered, it's just what he does with it. The only thing that bothers me about Kanye's situation is that everyone's still eating off it except me. I would have poly'd that deal a little different. Everyone that's still eating off him is everyone that said he couldn't make it, but other than that I'm happy to see what he does." -Dame Dash (SOHH InterView)

My personal opinion about dame and his "retirement" from the record biz its plain and simple; He will never have another Jay-Z and without and Artist of that caliber you cant really win the way you want to! Dont get me wrong I give him props for giving us the Best Lyricist in the world ... But let it go man, let it go man!

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