October 19, 2007

The G.O.A.T. -vs- The Billy-Goat - SOHH Exclusive

A couple of the industry cats weigh in on the recent "beef", so to speak, between Jay-Z and Great-Uncle L (get it? GREAT uncle, like Great Grandpa - AHAHAHA!!!) on SOHH.


Joshua Robles said...

I have a lot to say about this. Great post Hand.
First off, Keri Hilson looked pretty good in that video.
Secondly, I hate almost everyone they interviewed. But the one I hate most by far was siding with ll too much, Nelly.
Thirdly, I don't know how this is even a discussion. Jay still hasn't slipped a bit lyrically. People may not agree with WHAT he talks about but even when he talks about shopping in Paris or taking trips to San Tropez with B, He still rips it.
Lastly, As much as I don't like Krs, He was the man for however long that clip played. I love the way he took Jay hands down and called him "the greatest lyricist of all time." I want all of those little "hip-hop purist" who can't stop living in the past to hear this so I could just hit him with the big "I told you so!"

Jay is officially, your favorite rappers favorite rapper!

J'sta said...

Now this video HeeeRRe! I liked I got kinda hype,LoL----> Can't lie it would be a really good battle.--> Yo Did KRS say "he's the best rapper of all time" WoW!!!

I'm a Jay-Z Supporter but last time WHOA--->I have, but one word to say "ETHER"

J'sta said...

Pay Per View

I'd love to see that,Lol

AdotRobles said...

LL AIN'T GOT SHIT ON JAY-Z!!!! (Denzel voice in Training Day) So LL should just relax, he's not battleling Kool MOE D. This is Hovi Babyyyyy (no Homo)