October 19, 2007

Jay - Z Regrets "Retirement"

If you're like me, then you're wondering how Jay-Z feels about his much hyped about "retirement" and since then having recorded two albums.

Finally, here are Jay's thoughts on that:

“I think I pulled the retirement ripcord too many times. People looking at me like, ‘Please shut up.’ I was looking at (his retirement movie) ‘Fade to Black’ the other day. I was embarrassed. I couldn’t watch. I’m not playing with you. I had to turn it off,” he says. “I was cringing.”

Yeah, I would be embarrassed too, Hov!

He also went into what he thought about Lil Wayne a little bit saying,

"Do I think me and Lil Wayne should be in the same sentence? Me? No,” Jay says. “I mean, hopefully one day. He has to accumulate work. Put some classics under his belt.”

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