October 15, 2007

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Keeping up with the Kardashian's premiered yesterday on E!- Tv its just full of reality bullshit, why would I want to see other people and how they live or spend there money or whats going on with them and there problems. Shit I have my own problems to dwell on...right? Anyway so in this scene you see kim showing one of her friends a new stripper poll she got for her bday or something like that... I actually wanted to see if Kim can work that poll, yeap me and the rest of the male species. As they are doing some type of routine on the poll (making believe) here comes the little sister... moving her hips, then you see her on the poll...and all kim can say is "Where did you learn that" (obviously looking at your porn, moron!) - Then the pops comes in and tells the little one..."thats not appropriate" (good shit dad) - If this was a Hispanic house hold you would see the little one getting her ass whupped and the dad saying "turn off the F'ng Camera"

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