October 9, 2007

Music: Britney Spears Feat Lil Wayne "Gimme More"(Official Remix)

Anyone that knows me knows that I cant stand Lil Wayne and his retarded dumb rhymes... and I always said I wouldn't post anything that had to deal with his music...oh well Britney's Remix gave him a chance at NothingButEverything.Net.
check out the official Remix:"Gimme More" Feat. Lil Wayne... - Thanks to JesuseHeartMusic

Britney Spears Feat. Lil Wayne "Gimme More"


J'sta said...

NIGHT and DAY remix ..is was aight, not really craZy about it..Maybe I gotta hear it a couple more times

Anonymous said...

that lil Wayne verse was originally on Enrique Iglesias resent album...personally it sounded better on that beat..this is an 'official bootleg remix' nice brit!...