October 10, 2007

Prodigy From Mobb Deep Found Guilty (3 1/2 In The Can)

I remember watching some type of documentary on Mobb Deep a couple of years back, when P was living in jers. He was just talking all that rapper garbage with a gun in his hand .... yeap in his car - and I thought to myself, these dues are bound to get in trouble for doing stupid shit like this! -- Well there it goes 3 1/2 for being a super thug!
Homey got rocked by Saigon, now he will be getting squeezed by bubba!...

Rapper Prodigy pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a loaded gun Tuesday in a deal that will put him behind bars for the next 3-1/2 years.

The 32-year-old Queens native interrupted his trial in Manhattan Supreme Court to admit to owning the unlicensed .22-caliber pistol found in an armrest of his bulletproofed Chevy Suburban last October in Chelsea.


J'sta said...

Not a good look for him..when people see a kid get touched like that..around all his boys the dude kinda looses cool points, it's just the way the game is.

But he could get by making music in there and entertaining them cats doing bids.

Anonymous said...

first of all if you believe rappers, then you believe in santa claus and the tooth fairy!!! prodigy is one of those rappers, tuff talking, video thug, but he'll be alright in jail, in P.C, plus money goes a long way in jail!!