October 4, 2007

Saigon's "Come on Baby" Video...(pics)

Ok ok, So I wake up this morning got ready real quick to come to the family biz and do what I do every day...um close to nothing but hey its my job!
Anyway I get a quick link from one of my friends with a "what do you think" after the link- So I go to the link, and it doesnt work on safari...so im like "I hope it's not one of these reggeaton song or videos" (Sorry I just cant take the same beat over and over again for the past what...6 years, point made). So I go into my other web browser and nope it wasn't nothing reggeaton, it was none other than the rough cut of Saigon's New Video "Come On Baby" Feat. Swizz Beatz- ahhhhhh shiiit... I'm a big Saigon Fan so right now I feel like a little kid during Xmas-

You have cameos from Just Blaze (Funny ass dude)- Anyway if you think I'm going to spoil this for the masses then you thought wrong!!!- Just envision black and white and punk rockers all over , oh yeah and the "revenge of Ricky Ricardo"....LMAO

Saigon- "Where is Swizz"? Just Blaza- "He's Upstairs Rocking and Rolling"

I'm off to watch it over and over again.
No worries when I get the actual final cut I will post it up! Aiight - ONE!


Nicholas Howard said...

Bout time for Saigon... Kid needs a video

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's really random I ran into this blog... I was actually in the video. It was a total blast. xD

My name is Dandi. If there's anything you want to know about Saigon or the shoot itself let me know!

Here's my e-mail: