November 21, 2007

Cormega "Who Am I?" DVD Out NOW

"Who Am I?" came out yesterday and the DVD is ill homies. I won't front it's a little long (4 Hours to be exact) but it's well worth it if you're a diehard Mega fan (like Hand), if you have no idea who Cormega really is and what his career is about, if you miss the hood and love taking trips down memory lane or if you just wanna act like you real and would like a good blueprint to follow - hee-hee. I'm not gonna front the soundtrack isn't all that because Mega isn't on every track but it does have some real hot sh** in between those not so caliente songs. Regardless though go cop it and trust me you won't be disapointed and it should hold you off until "The Inevitable" drops.


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