November 30, 2007

Mannie Fresh's Sister Found Dead In Her House

See what happens when the media wants to take shots at Rap/Hip Hop Music... This terrible thing happens to Mannie Fresh's Sister, But they also want to mention the whole Cash Money - Baby incident that happened a couple of days ago. Come on lets just separate things this was a tragic event for Mannie and his Fam... Is this a FOX owned network also? Let me know!


J'sta said...

I hate when they do that..people like him need to get smackED!

J'sta said...

R.I.P this is sad.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a pretty legit and unbiased report. It focused on the tragedy behind the actual murder... and didn't even mention that she's Mannie Fresh's sister.. only mentioning that her family in general has had some hardships as her husband had just been released on bond to find his wife murdered (implying if he hadn't been wrapped up in the whole Baby case, then he might have been there to have been killed, or stopped the killings himself).. and the bug says ABC, so I'm pretty sure it's not Fox ;-)

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