November 16, 2007

Music: Ray J On the Mixtape Scene! (Kay Slay)

I guess it all makes sense now... a couple of weeks ago I saw this video with Kay Slay and Papoose. In the background you saw Ray J looking like the thug he is NOT..LOL. So he linked up with Kay to actually put this Mixtape called Ray J Unkut. You have audios, one of Kim Kardashian leaving Ray J a voice mail regarding the whole porn video, the next is called (im assuming here) My bottom bitch. Ray J couldn't get his career going with the porn now he wants to rap/sing... The track is actually funny to me - you guys let me know what you think. oh yeah im sure Kim is going to Sue his ass for the voice dumb ass.

Kim Kardashian On Ray J's Voice Mail// Ray J Buttom Bitch

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i actually like what he is doing, she did him wrong so i dont see nothing wrong with it and it is funny