November 13, 2007

Saigon's Album Gets Pushed back Till The New Year

Saigon joins the push back album of the year award AGAIN... I can surely talk for a lot of people when I say that I've been waiting on this album for the past 3 years- So does anyone at Atlantic know what they are doing, or are they waiting for T.I. House arrest album to finish up? This is what the Yardfather had to say to SOHH.

"It ain't comin out till its ready," Sai told SOHH. "The album's not even done yet. Just Blaze is such a perfectionist, even more so than me. And we keep finding things that can make it better."

The Story isn't specific to Saigon, but it's that of Black people in general. The rapper said his album is about ways that African-Americans can improve their standing in this country.

"It's the story of what we need to do as black people to get on track," he explained. "We fu**ed up in the country. Our mindset is fu**ed up."

The album tackles such issues as being a father to your children, a positive contributor to your community and becoming economically responsible.

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