November 19, 2007

Video: AMA Performance Alicia Keys "No One"

Alicia Keys at AMA's performing the reggae mix of “NO ONE” with Jr. Reid , Beenie Man , Chaka Demus & Pliers. Alicis should just stay behind the Piano, cause she looking kind of stiff dancing reggae.


AS said...

ok you need to stop hating! I know this is what your blog is about but this woman tore it up!!!! She is just that a "WOMAN" anything more than what she did would degrade her to a class that she is way above! Don't hate congratulate!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

alicia keys was ON POINT with this performance!! beautiful!! love love love her

Anonymous said...

I liked it ... actually thought that some of the JA performers were low key --- Chaka Demus for one seemed a bit hoarse. Anyway, big up Ms. Keys from this Yardie. Bless.