December 5, 2007

R.I.P. Pimp C

SiTV’s photographer and blogger Daniel Hastings before and now Daniel shares his thoughts about the passing of Pimp C and the work he did for him.

In this article, Daniel talks about his experience working as an art director for an Underground Kingz cover shoot.
"During the shoot, I remember we were recreating a sting operation, like UGK was being watched by the D.E.A. But instead of drug bundles, they were CD bundles. So they needed an authentic looking Drug Cartel “JEFE”, a real “Pablo Escobar” in the flesh, a True "Tony Montana" that lives up to the Scarface name. I remember aproaching PIMP C as he is speaking about this idea and he points at me… and says.. "You Daniel, You are perfect". It just so happened that I had my Colorful Guayabera on, not that I dress like a Colombian Druglord or look like one, Do I?. (I know, I was totally stereotyped) but I played the hell of a CD Smuggler/Druglord. Check me out… That’s acting Y’all!!! And those are CD bundles, OK!!!"

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