January 10, 2008

Benzino Happy About Elliot Wilson Dismiss From XXL...

Talk about Waiting for someones downfall! - “Karma is a muthafucka!!!…The little bi*ch should have been let go years ago if you ask me… When I heard about this I thought it was beautiful…He (Elliot Wilson) doesn’t represent Hip Hop or the culture anyway. XXL and all the editors over there are just a copy cat of The Source and now them, Source and Vibe are feeling the fu*king pinch…. Now Yellow N*gga can go get a job sucking fu*king Jimmy Iovine since that’s what he was doing anyway…G Unit is over and so is Elliot. If I see him in the streets I’m a put a foot in his ass..I’ma do that for Hip Hop…”

This goes to show you how bitter Benzino is, the man was "waiting" for this to happen... Mr. Has been is still mad about getting fired from The Source (or being voted out...whichever sounds better for you) - Things happen in the corporate world that we as employees cant control. It happened to him now he is glad it happened to Wilson... What a hater!

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