January 14, 2008

The Clipse speaking on We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3.

Re-Up intro. “I tapped anything that annoys me,” Pusha said of his lines that stab at Cash Money’s Lil Wayne and his pal Birdman. “Anything that needs to get addressed gets addressed. Anything. That don’t stop. That’s never gonna stop. When y’all hear the Re-Up Gang album … I don’t wanna do a lot of talking. Let the music talk. I’ll talk after [the] music. It’s the spirit of competition. Lil man is a small thing. It’s much bigger than him. It’s about a lot of mutha—-as getting over not saying nothing. … We’re doing this sh– to evoke the emotion in the listener.”

I can say this about this beef... Lil Wayne is going to turn the other cheek like he did on the Curtis beef... RE-UP GANG SUCKAS!!!
YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS..... Why? Cause I said so!

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