January 8, 2008

Fashion: Air Jordan's 23 (This Are The One's To Collect)

I've never been the "collector" but I have had my share of Air Jordan's on my feet, took them to play ball (yeah I know...HOW DARE YOU!). I never thought of collecting any type of kicks, I buy them, I rock them, play ball in them and thats about it... Salvation Army after that. The only thing that I have left from my late Jordans are the 17's Red Case, and I use the case to store all my vacation pictures (yeah yeah yeah - How dare you!).

I might change my mind about collecting with these Jordans, I might buy 2 pairs... Do the usually ware and tare with one and save the other. Why you might ask, well he was my favorite player and this is why I rocked the hell out of my Jordans...cause I wanted to play like him! (no I never did but I sure tried, and talked a lot of trash to my Knick fan Cousins... I think I got my ass beaten by one of them...for my fresh mouth...Tito!) These are the 23's and they are worth collecting... just like those kids (grown man actually) that still have the 1's (OG)

An ultra-limited edition North Carolina-esque colorup will drop on January 25, 2008, and then white/black/red and black/red colorways will follow on February 16, and February 23 respectively.

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