January 11, 2008


Soulja Boy has broken the record and set it so high that I really don't see a damn soul reaching it again. His "Crank Dat" single has sold over 3 million ringtones and his video has been viewed over 28 million times!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH CAKE THIS TALL LITTLE KID IS SEEING RIGHT NOW?!?!?! AND HIS ALBUM IS ALREADY CERTIFIED GOLD!!!

First time I heard this song I was in Kentucky helpin' my pops move down there (yeah I'll admit it, my father listened to Jada and switched to southpaw) and I was amused by this song because although it sounded so retarded and made little sense, it was catchy and stuck in my head! So much so that I even had it as my profile song on myspace and now look what the kid did - MADE HISTORY. Much props to him and I hope he continues to gain success. I gotta see what he's gonna try to pull off next. He should do like some cool Wolverine dance where you jump in front of a girl and make believe you have claws and you start ripping her shirt off... :-D I is sick, I's knows this!!!

My name is Hand...

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