February 7, 2008

Sean Kingson Shoots Video with The D.E.Y.’s singer Elan

I have told you guys about the group The D.E.Y a couple of times...even posted their video, Which by the way is getting plenty of rotation on MTV! Yeap I wake up to this Video every single day... Can't actually go to sleep to it cause MTV is playing reality TV all night long!!! (Lets get back to the Roots MTV....MUSIC VIDEO'S!!!... There it goes I picked my bone)

Anyway the boy Sean Kingston is shooting a video for his new single “There’s Nothing” which features none other then Elan Luz from THE D.E.Y. . The album version had Paula DeAnda on the track but I guess she's not a priority right now

Oh yeah almost forgot... This track also Featl Juelz Santa from Dipset.


h.e.r.fection said...

:D keep me in rotation! have a good rest of the day love


Anonymous said...

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