February 29, 2008

Video: Daddy Yankee "Somos De Calle"(yeah... weird that i'm posting this)

The Reggaeton super star Daddy Yankee is back!. Well this time around he has left the reggeaton signature sound "El Dembow" behind and has opted to use the oh so wonderful sounds of the boom bap! (this time atleast). Finally someone has listen to my cries (lol), not that I don't listen to Reggeaton... I do sometimes but the same "Dembow" gets kind of tiring. I cant really bash Yankee since he has always done a couple of Hip hop songs... after all thats how he came up in the PR music industry... My favorite tracks from Daddy Yankee were... I mean are "Corazones" and "Santifica Tus Escapularios" - I know you probably never heard them since all you guys would remember is "Gasolina"! and he even had a track with Nas but you wouldn't remember that either. Well this is "Somos De Calle"... Not really my favorite but a good try! - Keep it up homie you're on the right path.

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