March 6, 2008

Papoose and Fat Joe On Hot97 Miss Jones Show

Fat Joe Side Of the Story

Not for nothing but Joey Crack is kind of dry snitching! Why would you want to go and Air out peoples business. Referring to Gucci Mane as the person that bust his gun everywhere and shoots people. Now if you beat up a couple of people in the room and some of them are still in the Hospital wouldn't be better for you to shut your mouth about it... Since you are so rich they might come after your money Homie-
We as listeners of this whole thing wont be able to determine who did what and who was in a fiddle position getting there ass beaten or getting "The Beats" - I can say this.. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is a genius, the man has people fighting and going nuts so he can have some Free publicity on Joey Cracks expense... cant knock him for doing what he has perfected. - Joey no one cares how much you get per

Hopefully pap got a check from G-Unit Inc
Papoose Side of the Story on Miss Jones


Anonymous said...

50 cent ain't a genius.. he's the one giving free publicity for fat joe's album. he doesn't need fat joe for publicity, he's a bigger star than him.. stupid move.. 50"s selling the fat joe's album

Anonymous said...

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