March 1, 2008

Papoose Gives Joey Crack A Little Brooklyn Love

According to (you have to question the source on this one) Papoose was performing in a show out in North Carolina this weekend along with Cassidy, Gucci Mane, Fat Joe and others, and got into an altercation with Joe Crack the Don. They say he two-pieced him before getting separated by authorities at the hotel they were in. Now this story sounds funny to me since they say Fat Joe was with 9 of his boys and they said Papoose was able to get his hands on him cleanly and then easily get separated by security. How is it that you have 10 big ass puerto rican dudes ready to thump, all in one room against one guy, yet that lanky ass one guy gets in two punches and gets separated afterwards without anyone jumping in?! Now I'm not saying its false, I'm just saying we need to wait a bit and hopefully get some more info on this. Another thing is they try to make Cassidy look like he set the whole thing up lol, these dudes are funny. Well here's the story from Read it and you be the judge...

"On Thursday February 28, 2008 Rapper 50 Cent was hosting New York City Radio and had Invited several rappers to join him on the show including Max B, Papoose and Remy Ma. While 50 Cent was interviewing Max B, Papoose walked into the studio. When Max B went to say whats up to him and give him a pound thats when Papoose told him "put your hand away, what's up with that slick shit you was saying about Kay Slay on the internet?" Before Max B could reply, Papoose went to approach him, but fortunately 50 Cent was able to get in the middle of the two rappers and seperate them.Click here to watch the video:Papoose when he arrived at the Power 105.1 FM studio and met with M...On Friday Feb 29 in North Corolina Papoose,Cassidy,Fat Joe,Gucci Mane,Yo Gotti,and Fabolous were booked to perform at The Criquet Arena. Before the show could go on, the Main Event happened earlier at The Holiday Inn Hotel in North Carolina, where the rappers had been staying at .Sources from Cassidy's crew tell us that Cassidy had asked Papoose to come to his room so they could talk. Papoose eventually came to his room and while the two rappers were talking, all of the sudden Fat Joe and 9 Members of his Entourage storm right into Cassidy's room. Fat Joe suddenly starts yelling at Papoose, "You Got A Problem With Me?" and Papoose replied, "No, do you have a problem?" When Fat Joe responds " yeah, I got a problem with you," thats when Papoose swung at Fat Joe, punching him in the face twice. Before you knew it all hell broke loose. Sources tell us that Fat Joe and his crew rushed the rapper and Hotel security had to seperate the fight before Law Enforcement could get to the Hotel. Sources tells us that they heard Papoose yelling at Joe, "Come on Bitch ass nigga lets take this shit outside give me a fair one."We reached out to both parties but have received no comment.We will have more on this story as it develops......"
Oh yeah and I almost forgot... Brooklyn Stand Up!!!

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