March 11, 2008

News: Polow Da Don Almost Robbed.

Yall heard about the situation last night? “Haha” They thought they came to rob me, but I have heart and I have God shawty… Nah these crack head ass n*ggaz I guess called themselves robbing me, but we robbed them…… I wasn’t scared I was mad. I was likes “these dumb ass weak ass n*ggas”….. N*ggas don’t get it…. you gone have to shoot me because until then, I don’t believe you. I am a MAN…. and 9 times out of 10 a n*gga calling himself a Robba, a Thug or a Gangsta is a cover up for being too weak(weather it be physically, spiritually or mentally) to be a man.

- Polow Da Don via SOHH

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