April 3, 2008

Music/Download: Leona Lewis Feat. AC "Bleeding Love" {UK Remix}

Leona Lewis Feat. AC "Bleeding Love" {UK Remix}

I love to see up and coming Artist grind like the dude AC. This week he has come out with 2 songs.. hot songs! Now he teams up with Leona Lewis to create a UK Remix to her smash hit "Bleeding love" These are the type of Artist that make it and we obviously don't forget- Keep it up hommy . That was easy!

"Get your skinny jeans and sneakers from my place
block my screen name and delete me from myspace"

Download Track Here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah, but this time he simply ruined the song.

in what you sippin' on from Spears he did very good, but here...