April 28, 2008

Ryan Leslie Doing His Thing.. The Musical Genius!

Check out the homie Ryan Leslie doing his thing live over the Lillipop song Live on The Invasion Radio Show with DJ Green Lantern.... he actually makes the beat better!.. shit he made Wayne sound a little good.

The hyper active song writer/producer in the studio creating "Addiction" feat. Cassie.

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Joshua Robles said...

Ok, first vid, I liked what he did over Lollipop but it didn't match the song....but the melody itself was hot.
Now, the second thing was serious maaaaaaan. I'll probably download it as soon as I see it out. One thing though, I try to like this guy a lot because he is the man at producing and just making a song in general, but then he starts with his cocky/nerd sh*t. Stop trying to be cool when you're a herb man!