January 27, 2009

"Life Has Just Begun" / "Homecoming" John Forte Feat.Talib Kweli

"Homecoming" John Forte Feat.Talib Kweli

I didn't even know this man was out! - Rapper/Producer John Forte was pardon by president George Bush (wow how did that HAPPEN?!). He has been home since December 23rd of 08'- and is back at work! Great!

Shouldn't Wyclef Jean be picking him up from prison...?

Forte,has two solo albums as a rapper, was busted back in 2000 for carrying two suitcases filled with over $1.4 million in liquid cocaine through Newark International Airport. He was convicted on intent to distribute charges and given the mandatory minimum 14 years in prison. That is, until W. pardoned him.

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