October 30, 2009

Music: Beanie Seigel Goes After His M..Jay-Z!!! "What You Talkin’ Bout (Average Cat)”

Beanie Siegel - What You Talkin' Bout (average cat)

I was waiting for something like this to pop off with Beanie, He never played any sides with the whole ROCAFELLA split.  He stayed neutral waiting on the sidelines to see what was going to happen.  I personally dont think beans has a chip on his shoulder, Siegel exposed shed some light to the whole situation from his point of view.  He's just upset/frustrated that his "friend" (as he thought) left him to dry, and didnt give him his walking papers when he asked for them.... (Beans wanted out of ROC and it was rumered he was going to ink with G-unit at one point)

Beanie Sigel Calls Charlamagne (Full Interview)

Check out some of Beanie Seigel's Lyrics on this track

I’m a grown ass man, I don’t sit on niggas laps and I ain’t look for any gifts out of Santa Claus lap.

Niggas talk about compared to Sigie you wack, scrap I know you don’t want to talk about that, but since niggas talking lets talk about that.

When I came home from a jail, doing my year and a day, you ain’t come 1 day to see me…
And you’ll never go to jail again, cause you knew I was the shooter. If my life was a movie Sigie would be the sequel.

Don’t get it f***ed up, this ain’t the greenlight for everyone to make a diss Jay-Z record. I still got love for the nigga, this is me taking my brother in the yard for 5 minutes. Cause I got a knot in my chest that needs to get unloosened. When you got love for a Mutha***** it don’t go away that easy, many people gonna walk in and out your life but only real friends leave footprints on your heart dog. But I think yours is fading in the sand. If me and you never talk again dog and I got to holla at you via MC on this mic, what up, how do you say, “Scream at Me.” The richest man ain’t the one with his first dollar dog, its the one who still got his first friend, Rocafella for life, ITS THE ROC.

Damn, it was all good just a week ago......

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