September 18, 2007

Out Of Reach?!

Now i just finished hearing the "Forbes mix" and have to completely agree with Robles on this one. Half Ass as always and what really stood out for me was that fact that i can't really relate or really care anymore about the st tropez and the money and all that bullshit. I mean you could gain some inspiration for that on some level but in the end the idea of these same dudes rapping about the incredible amount of money they have just doesn't do it for me anymore. The mass population won't relate to the amount of money they have and in the end it only furthers this consumerist society here in the US of A. Im happy that dudes got that money and all. I commend their grind and drive. Shoot anybody including myself would be happy to have it but in the end there needs to be some type of responsibility or at the very least some type of positive initiative man. There are always more important things that you can do with exorbant amounts of money. Sorry for the rant. TO many glasses of red wine i guess. In the meantime you can listen to an incredibly relevant song about what i just said.

Yeshua Da Poed " Losing Youl Soul

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