October 3, 2007

Britney Spears Label Speaks (Jive)

This is what Britney's Label spokesman Allan Mayer had to say to MTV News:

“It’s not Jive’s place to fashion a public-relations campaign with respect to Britney’s personal issues, but Jive does care about her and does support her. We’re not pointing fingers — because the media and the paparazzi wouldn’t exist if there weren’t an appetite for it. But there’s no question that when you have someone at this level of celebrity, they become like cartoons or soap-opera characters, and we forget that they’re human beings. People say that’s the trade you make, that you have to give up your privacy or the ability to lead a normal life, but sometimes you make that bargain before you realize what it entails and it’s too late. Britney’s a grown woman, and she makes her own choices, and we respect that. But she’s been at a disadvantage [without a consistent team], and obviously that makes it harder to cope.”

This is very true, Britney doesn't have any one to guide her career in the right direction. Her life is just falling apart little by little - Hopefully she pick ups the pieces before is too late... I'm still rooting for ya Brit!

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Nicholas Howard said...

did they just call her a cartoon character?